Why the Eurasian Mining & Metals Industry matters?


The Eurasian continent, spanning from Europe to China, plays a critical role in the global economic and geopolitical landscape. Over the past few years, the mining industry across Europe, Central Asia and Mongolia had overcome unprecedented challenges and undergone significant transformation.

The global spread of COVID-19 has dramatically slowed economic growth, disrupted commodity markets, and impacted logistics and supply chains. Consequently, uncertainty and volatility became the “new norm” making planning and investment a challenging task. Additionally, the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 triggered unprecedented international sanctions, which banned Russian producers and exporters of metals and raw materials from international commodity, investment, and supply chain markets. These significant changes are reshaping the “status quo” and creating both threats and opportunities in the region.

Metals and Critical Raw Materials play a vital role in the development of climate change mitigation technologies such as Renewable Energy Infrastructure, Smart Grids, Energy Storage, Nuclear Power, Transportation Electrification, Carbon Emissions Capture, etc. Moreover, the mineral wealth of the Eurasian continent remains relatively untapped, offering strategic advantages for greenfield exploration and accelerating the development of mining and processing industries.

These ongoing changes and trends offer prospects for Eurasian countries rich in mineral resources. Governments now have an unprecedented opportunity to attract global investment, accelerating the modernisation and economic growth of their national economies. Miners and Investors can benefit from the “first mover” advantage, securing better terms and enhancing their value.