Business matching

The opportunity to meet people with common interests is one of the most important components of any event. Thanks to our hybrid technology which combines digital and analogue approaches, the chances of meeting like-minded people at the MINEX Eurasia conference are much greater.

Networking events

Networking is one of the integral parts of the conference. As the audience is relatively small (up to 200 people), participants will be able to meet during networking coffee breaks, and lunch. The conference will end with casual drinks allowing exhibitors, speakers and attendees to meet in one place.

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Investors and Supply chain companies (who have booked company presentations or sponsorship packages) will have an opportunity during the conference to schedule private meetings with the incoming regional delegations using the dedicated private meeting room.

Plan meetings with other participants

Step 1: Create a Personal Profile

Create your personal profile adding photos, positions, bio, interests, social media links and offers to other participants.

Step 1: Pland ahead or ad-hoc meetings with other participants

Access the list of event participants. Search for specific people using keywords (position, education, interests, etc.).

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Shortlist the people you want to meet by adding them to your favourite list. Send a message offering to schedule a meeting before, during or after the event. Schedule, reschedule, or cancel meetings with other participants with the option to select a time, physical place, or virtual option. All messages and meeting requests are sent in-app via push notifications and copied to your registered email.

Smart name badge

As part of our commitment to reducing environmental footprint across all MINEX Forum events, we will provide all participants with Smart name badge with E-Business cards. The badges are printed on biodegradable material. The badge will have a QR code which will be linked to the personal accounts of the event participants and securely encrypted on the MINEX Eurasia conference website. Participants will be able to update personal information in their accounts changing photos, short profiles (up to 200 words), contact details (phone, email, postal address), links to social media, etc.

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How does the badge work?

Allow other participants to scan the QR code on your badge. Providing their phone has an internet connection, they will be able to open your profile and store it on their mobile phone as html or vcf file (which can be exported to MS Outlook). You will be able to control what information is listed or excluded via your online account.

Your personal profile will be supported for 3 months after the conference. You are very welcome to use your badge at other events.

Mobile app

Increase networking efficiency with our bespoke app.

After registration at the conference, participants will be able to create profiles and indicate their personal interests.

In addition to ad-hoc meetings, conference participants will have access to a mobile app where they can look up people with similar interests and plan meetings using a one-on-one meeting scheduler.

Among many other benefits, the app sponsor gets the opportunity to create brand visibility and invite conference participants to his booth and presentation.

During online events, participants will be able to contact speakers using live chat.

Social networks

Interact and engage with other participants by joining MINEX Forum social media groups * on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


  • Interact with attendees and speakers in private groups before, during, and after the conference.
  • Post opinions, articles, photos and videos related to the conference topics.
  • Showcase your projects, services, and products.
  • Leave comments and likes.
  • Participate in private online meetings and discussions.
  • Get access to exclusive content.