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About MINEX Eurasia

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The 11th MINEX Eurasia Mining Conference will be held on 27 November 2023

The conference is hosted by Simmons & Simmons International Law Firm

Address: CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9SS

About MINEX Eurasia

The MINEX Eurasia Conference, which was founded in 2012, is the only mining and investment annual conference in the UK, focused on mining trends and commercial opportunities in Eurasia. The conference is intended for mining and metals firms, investors, financiers, governmental regulators, and service suppliers from the UK and beyond.

What to expect this year?

In response to the immense need for minerals and metals in strategic industrial ecosystems, the importance of sustainable and dependable sourcing of raw materials continues to rise globally.  Relevantly underexplored mineral and metals resources of the Eurasian continent offer significant opportunities.  The Conference will serve as a stage for essential conversations regarding the role of the Eurasian mining industry in the supply of Critical Raw Materials and the Development of technological advances making mining less environmentally destructive.

The 11th MINEX Eurasia Conference will take place on 27 November 2023 in London

This event will draw from the experience of over 30 industry experts, senior officials and companies who will discuss the changes, challenges and opportunities in the mining industry in Central Asia, Mongolia, Ukraine and mining hotspots in the Caspian regions.

The conference will offer an opportunity for the presentation of investment projects and changes in the FDI policies aimed at the development of mining hotspots across the Eurasian continent.

The Conference will also feature cases of industry transformation aimed at improving operational efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and creating sustainable social relations in extractive sectors.

In-person participants

Countries %

Seniority %

United Kingdom 59%
Mongolia 12%
Other Countries 6%
Kazakhstan 5%
Uzbekistan 4%
Australia 3%
Canada 3%
U.S.A 3%
Albania 2%
Kyrgyzstan 2%
Ukraine 1%

Industry sectors %

Participation options

Mining and Technology Companies interested in organising corporate presentations at the conference are invited to submit speaker proposals before 29 September.

Individual proposals from speakers should also be submitted before 29 September.

Delegate registration is open online. Register before 15 September to save 33%.

In-person attendees. Participants will be admitted to the venue provided they pre-register before 21 November. If circumstances change and delegates cannot attend the event in person, they can cancel participation before 21 November and receive a 90% refund (10% will be deducted to cover administrative costs).

Remote participants. Viewers will be able to watch free of charge the live broadcast of the conference remotely.  To access the conference meeting application, presentation slides and video recordings of the conference, remote participants are expected to register and pay the same admission fee as in-person attendees.

Target Audience

  • Major International mining companies
  • State-owned mining companies and JVs
  • Mining companies carrying out exploration projects in Central Asia, Mongolia, Caucasus, Caspian region, and Europe
  • Private equity funds with investment portfolio in mining and extractive industries
  • Institutional and Strategic Investors
  • Senior Government officials
  • Investment and Export-Finance Banks
  • Project and Stream finance companies
  • Stock and Commodity Exchanges
  • Mining analysts
  • Think-Tanks
  • Mining consulting and engineering companies
  • Mining equipment and technology suppliers
  • Law, accounting and insurance firms
  • Media and NGOs

Business matching and networking opportunities

Networking opportunities

Networking is one of the key parts of the conference. As the audience is relatively small (up to 250 people), participants will be able to meet during networking coffee breaks, and lunch. The conference will end with casual drinks allowing exhibitors, speakers and attendees to meet in one place.

Investors and Supply chain companies (who have booked company presentations or sponsorship packages) will have an opportunity during the conference to schedule private meetings with the incoming regional delegations using the dedicated private meeting room.

Powerful meeting application

Pre-registered qualifying participants will be offered access to the bespoke mobile application a few days prior to the conference. The application features a powerful search engine allowing to search attendees by industry, job title, interests and much more. Once you have preselected attendees you would like to meet at the conference, you can add them to your favourites list and send meeting requests. Confirmed meetings are scheduled in the personal diaries and can be modified and rescheduled. The application will be functioning for around a week after the conference allowing participants who have missed each other to chat and meet privately.

Smart name badges

As part of our commitment to reducing environmental footprint across all MINEX Forum events, we will provide all participants with Smart name badge with E-Business cards.  The badges are printed on biodegradable material.

The badge will have a QR code which will be linked to the personal accounts of the event participants and securely encrypted on MINEX Eurasia conference website. Participants will be able to update personal information in their accounts changing photo, short profile (up to 200 words), contact details (phone, email, postal address), links to social media, etc.

How does the badge work?

Allow other participants to scan QR code on your badge. Providing their phone has internet connection, they will be able to open your profile and store it on their mobile phone as html or vcf file (which can be exported to MS Outlook). You will be able to control what information is listed or excluded via your online account.

Your personal profile will be supported for 3 months after the conference. You are very welcome to use your badge at other events.

COVID-19 free event

MINEX Forum team is dedicated to organising the conference following UK Government Guidance in a face-to-face event safe environment. If COVID19 restrictions change between now and the event, there is a contingency to run the event online.

Commonly asked questions
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