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Unkur-Tash LLC, the successor to Highland Exploration LLC, is registered in the Kyrgyz Republic for the purpose of geological exploration and subsequent mining of gold, silver and other metals. The Company's properties are located in the Kyrgyz Republic, in the Jalal-Abad region.

The sole owner of the Company is Highland Gold Mining Limited, a holding company established in 2002 on the island of Jersey. The holding operates over 50 mining properties.

Unkur-Tash LLC is the operator of 5 licenses, 3 of which are for the right to use subsoil for the purpose of development of deposits and 2 for the right to use subsoil for the purpose of geological exploration.
At present the Company has started the active phase of the project development, all the necessary engineering-geological, technological, hydrogeological, other studies, as well as the development of project documentation are being carried out before the construction of the Mining and Processing Plant.

As a result of the extensive geological exploration program, the Company has put on the state balance sheet gold reserves in the deposits "Unkurtash", "Karatyube", "Sarytyube" in the total amount of 84.1 tons.

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