MINEX Eurasia Conference is a premier event in the mining industry that offers opportunities for media publications and non-governmental organizations to engage in media and knowledge partnerships, disseminate information and share knowledge about mining and geological exploration in Eurasia.

Through the conference, stakeholders can access insights from industry experts, senior officials, and companies discussing emerging trends and changes in the mining sector.

Media and knowledge partnership opportunities

Industry Associations


Government organisations

Corporate & Academic organisations

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15 October


Knowledge partnership

Knowledge partnerships can provide a range of mutual benefits

  • Our expectations from knowledge partners include assistance with developing the content of sessions, presentations, panel discussions, and news releases.
  • Knowledge partners can also help with engaging leading experts, business leaders, politicians, and other “influencers” to participate in the event.
  • Additionally, they can assist with writing the event summary and preparation of analytical reviews and studies based on the conference materials.
  • Knowledge partners can also help promote the conference and engage partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and participants to ensure its success.

The services provided to MINEX Eurasia organisers and reciprocal services may vary depending on individual arrangements.


Media partnership

Media partners are expected to help to increase the visibility and reach of the conference

  • These services may include the electronic distribution of conference announcements through email, SMS, tweets, blogs, and other online resources.
  • Media partners can also place conference web banners on their websites, as well as conference advertising modules in their printed publications.
  • In addition to promotional services, media partners can also publish announcements and articles provided by the conference organizers. They can announce the conference on social media groups and organize live video broadcasting of the conference, video editing, and online distribution.
  • Media partners can also assist in copyrighting and publishing print, photo, and video materials about the conference.
  • They can organise and publish interviews with conference participants and provide copies of published materials for reposting in post-event materials.
  • By providing these services, media partners can help increase the visibility and reach of the conference, which can lead to greater engagement and participation from a wider range of stakeholders.

The services provided to the Forum organisers and reciprocal services may vary depending on individual arrangements.