Andrew Fulton


The Mining Association of the UK

Andrew is a Chartered Mining Engineer (CEng) registered with the Engineering Council of the UK and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM). In his 30 years working across the Minerals and Mining Sector, Andrew has led Operational, Technical and Business teams in Africa, the EU, the UK, Russia and the US. Andrew has a track record for determining and realising the best value for all interested stakeholders in both emerging mining projects and established mining operations. Andrew is also President of the Mining Association of the UK - the voice for the UK mining sector, representing 28 mines in all four nations across 12 different minerals.

Session 5: Solutions that enhance safety, efficiency and productivity of mines
27 November 2023 / 15:50 - 17:05 | Auditorium

Introducing The Mining Association of the UK, a Strategy of Leadership and the recognition for competence in mines.

In addition to established minerals, the UK is likely to see a diversification in underground mining and other subsurface extraction methods into minerals that support the decarbonisation and modernisation of energy and transport. The growing global population will require increased crop yields supported by access to organic fertilisers. The UK sector considers that mining techniques applied in the future will be those that have been established and refined over many years; however, the development of new mineral resources or the need to increase production capabilities to meet growing demands will lead to the introduction of new techniques and/or technologies. Employees at all levels develop to appropriate levels of competence concerning the tasks they undertake and their responsibilities for health and safety risk control within their areas of activity. The principles of effective health, safety and business performance depend on the competence of the entire workforce, including management and supervisors.