Investments in the mine under construction in the Kyzylorda region were estimated at more than $600 million, but costs can be optimized.

Kazzinc is studying technological and economic options for developing the Shalkiya zinc deposit in the Kyzylorda region. The company’s general director, Alexander Khmelev, shared this information in a conversation with an correspondent on the sidelines of the capital’s “Kazcontent 2.0” forum. “It’s not a very simple deposit, and at the moment we are simply looking for both a technological and economic scheme of work that would be cost-effective. It has its own difficulties, a very interesting deposit, but very difficult to develop. We are right now at in fact, we look at what is out there in the world, as well as our thoughts and suggestions. Two or three weeks ago, in my opinion, we were there, we looked at everything, we passed through. And if we look at what we will go into, roughly speaking, in this maybe we won’t make it this year, but next year, because we have to start from the very beginning, because those approaches that provide profitability, e
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